ConcertCycle Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie n°1

Ludwig van Beethoven


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    Beethoven’s symphony No.1 holds a unique place in the history of this genre, not only because it opens a series of symphonies amongst the most significant monuments of music’s history - and contains the germs of many of its components - but also because, due to this very fact, it represents a fundamental junction point between the tradition of classical symphony (Mozart, Haydn) – of which it keeps constitutive features -, and what we could name the Romantic aesthetic, that will be deployed after and from it. The year of its creation is even a symbolic one: 1800, the pivotal moment holding together two centuries.

    Orchestre de l’Opéra national de Paris

    A coproduction Opéra national de Paris - Telmondis
    In association with ARTE France and M_MEDIA /ClassicAll TV
    With the support of Pierre Bergé, patron of the symphonic concerts of the Paris Opera Orchestra and of the Orange Foundation, patron of the audiovisual broadcasts of the Paris Opera
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    Director: Vincent Massip


    Visuel ©Jean-François Leclercq / OnP