ConcertCycle Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie n°2

Ludwig van Beethoven


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    Beethoven delved into the symphonic genre rather late in his life. He was already 30 years old when he achieved his first Symphony (1800), after a long preparatory period. The reason is, he is then facing two imposing influences of the genre, Mozart and Haydn, and is not considering a frontal approach yet. His innovations are surreptitiously disturbing symmetries, intensifying dynamics and disrupting rhythms. His Symphony No.3 (1805) will decisively settle the typical Beethovian style, something perfectly reflected in the title “Eroica”.
    This is the emergence of a different relationship to dramatic scansion of pure music and to the temporal development of “historical” powers (as we could qualify them). Between these two movements of the Creation of Symphony, the Symphony No.2 found the right balance, a miracle too often neglected: it overcomes the ambivalent reaction to tradition to better assert the freedom of an event yet to come. Maynard Solomon, who wrote major essays on Beethoven, described it as “a both retrospective and prospective work”.

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