Cycle Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie n°8

Cycle Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie n°8

BEETHOVEN COMPOSED his Symphony No.8 between 1811 and 1812. As soon as his “Seventh” was completed, he tried, in vain, to compose a new concerto for piano, and re-used instead this initial work to create his “Height” in Vienna, on 17 February 1814. The 8th Symphony was born during Beethoven’s dark days. Beethoven is suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, and is living a mysterious and painful liaison with his “Immortal Beloved” (letter from July 1812). The 8th Symphony betrays nothing of these difficult times; on the contrary, after the Seventh’s dramatic intensity, the Eight is more similar to the bright and serene Sixth (the “great in F”, as Beethoven called it, opposing it to his “little Symphony in F", though the Eight was as equally good). The Eighth, through seems more reasonable at first sight, both in its structure and length.

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Orchestre de l’Opéra national de Paris
Direction musicale et Directeur musical : Philippe Jordan

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Réalisateur : Vincent Massip


Visuel © Jean-François Leclercq / OnP

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Cycle Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie n°8

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  • Cycle Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphonie n°8

    BEETHOVEN TRAVAILLE à sa symphonie n°8 en fa majeur, op 93 en  1811-1812. Dès la « Septième » achevée, il avait  vainement entrepris la composition d’un nouveau  concerto pour piano, dont le matériau servira à la  « Huitième », créée à Vienne le 17 février 1814. D’un point de vue biographique, la...