Giselle + Les Indes galantes

Giselle + Les Indes galantes

From hip-hop to classical ballet: there’s only one step

It’s not without reason that hip-hop dancers have always admired classical dancers: virtuosity, energy, a good rhythm…

Find all these dance specificities in a standard ballet of the classical repertoire, Giselle, and in the opera Les Indes galantes featuring hip-hop dancers.

The ultimate romantic ballet, Giselle marked the apogee of a new aesthetic that saw diaphanous tutus, white gauze, tulle and tarlatan take over the stage. The Willis bring the illusion of immateriality to this ghostly transfiguration of a tragedy. First performed at the Académie royale de Musique on June 28, 1841, the ballet travelled to Russia, then temporarily disappeared from the repertoire before finally returning to France in 1910. Today’s version by Patrice Bart and Eugene Polyakov – which closely follows Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot’s original choreography – continues to reaffirm the ballet’s early success. Bright, earthly scenes and spectral, nocturnal visions: dance becomes the language of the soul and the ballerina’s ethereal presence seems to defy gravity.

A masterpiece of the Enlightenment, Les Indes galantes is a sparkling entertainment. Yet Rameau’s first opera‑ballet also testifies to the ambiguous view held by Europeans concerning other peoples – Turks, Incas, Persians, “Savages”… In 2017, film director Clément Cogitore made an explosive and critically acclaimed film adaptation of an extract from Les Indes galantes in collaboration with the Krump dancers. This time, with choreographer Bintou Dembélé, he takes up Rameau’s box of delights in its entirety to set it once more in an urban and political space whose frontiers he explores.

Giselle + Les Indes galantes

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  • Giselle

    Ballet en deux actes

    Ballet romantique par excellence, Giselle marque l’apogée d’une nouvelle esthétique. Tutus vaporeux, gaze blanche, tulle et tarlatane envahissent la scène. Dans la transfiguration fantastique d’une tragédie, les Wilis participent à l’illusion de l’immatérialité. Créé à l’Aca...

  • Les Indes galantes

    Œuvre‑phare du siècle des Lumières, Les Indes galantes s’apparente à un éblouissant divertissement. Mais le premier opéra‑ballet de Rameau témoigne également du regard ambigu que l’Européen pose sur l’Autre – Turc, Inca, Persan, Sauvage… En 2017, le réalisateur Clément Cogitore signe un film expl...

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  • Programme Les Indes galantes

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