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Variations Goldberg - Johann Sebastian Bach

Performed for this concert in a transcription for String Trio written in the 1980s by violinist and conductor Dmitry Sitkovetsky after hi discovery of Glenn Gould recording, Bach’s Goldberg Variations belong to the composer’s greatest works for keyboards.

La Bayadère

The final work of a life utterly devoted to dance, La Bayadere by Rudolf Nureyev has become one of the jewels of the Paris Opera Ballet’s repertoire. First performed in 1992, La Bayadère recounts the ill-fated loves of the dancer Nikiya and the noble warrior Solor,...

Thierrée / Shechter / Pérez / Pite

Four contemporary choreographers come together for a programme that leads the Opera’s dancers to a new form of modernity where bodies vibrate with intensity.

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