Bastien et Bastienne de Mozart

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French music

The instrument makers Érard and Pleyel introduced, at the beginning of the 20th century, their brand new chromatic harp. Ravel and Debussy imagined for the instrument pieces composed for an unusual ensemble: harp, flute, clarinet and string quartet for Ravel’s "Introduction and Allegro" (1905), and harp and string quintet for Debussy’s "Sacred dances – Profane dances" (1904).

OpérApprentis 20/21

OpérApprentis 20/21 follows the path of young adults in apprenticeship discovering the Paris Opera. They are pastry chefs, sellers, dressmakers, mechanics, mirrors, painters or jewellers.This film reflects the impact of this arts and cultural education programme on their professional training.

La Bayadère, The Kingdom of the Shades (Act III, 2nd tableau)

In despair at Nikiya’s death, Solor seeks refuge in opium-induced dreams. And then, in a long hypnotic procession, the Shades, ghosts of dead bayadères, appear before Solor: 32 ballerinas in white tutus and veils, slowly sliding down the stage, performing a series of arabesques in plié.

We are committed

In these unprecedented times, we have wanted to question Paris Opera's role as an institution.


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